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Who Is The NAOAC:
The NAOAC is an association and community for professionals dedicated to compliant marketing and advertising.
We strive to be the most relevant force for ethical and compliant marketing.
What Is Our Mission:
Our mission is helping companies
grow while in compliance with advertising laws & regulations.
We’re here to help protect YOU and everything you’ve built.
The Essential Resource For Marketers & Advertisers
We’re Experts in State
Attorney Generals, Consumer
Lawsuits & Class-Action Lawsuits
with 20+ Years of Experience.

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Compliance Knowledge To The Marketing Industry…


With our extensive library of podcasts, books, white papers courses and more, we are the #1 destination for educating the marketing and advertising industries on compliance.


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Meet Our Founders:

World Renown Marketer & 20 Year Compliance Attorney

Anik Singal:

World-recognized as one of the top digital marketers & Entrepreneur coaches. Anik went through a grueling 18 month process with the FTC after having been in business For 20+ years.

He experienced and learned so many regulations that he never knew about and that no one in the industry is taught.

Greg Christiansen:

Greg Christiansen has been a Compliance Attorney for over 20 years. He has represented companies in a variety of Industries against the FTC, State A.G.s and Class-Action.

Greg is recognized as one of the leading attorneys in the advertising compliance world.

The #1 Resource For Educating The Advertising & Marketing Industry on Compliance
The Actionable Training and Guidance Marketers Need to Advertise With Confidence
A Powerful Community Dedicated to Improving The Entire Marketing & Advertising Industries